As the algorithm of Instagram keeps up with taking charge of the algorithm of people, it is not a shock that many more users are shifting their focus to Instagram stories. Instagram has more than three hundred million active daily users, double the count of the Snapchat platform. Instagram stories are more than just the best way to connect with your audiences and followers. Consistently posting to stories can also greatly impact how your posts are performed in the algorithm of Instagram. Buying Instagram story views is the best way to trick the Instagram algorithm.  The Instagram algorithm takes into account all the interactions that you receive on your stories, and this means the more likely your posts will display up in their feed, the more that the users interact with your stories. 


Instagram is adjusting the algorithm essentially so that the time that you post is important more than before. Instagram has disclosed that posts are shortly going to come again to a much more chronological order in the feed of people; this necessarily does not mean that the chronological feed is back. In other words, the Instagram feed is algorithmic still.  This year, you can expect that Instagram stories will continue their supremacy over the social media platform Snapchat and become an important part of your  Instagram and social media marketing strategy.  Quickly Instagram stories are becoming th one of the best features to make e-commerce sales, drive traffic, build awareness and drive engagement. 


The algorithm of Instagram uses the amount of time consumed viewing your stories as a factor in deciding its popularity.  The great news is Instagram appears to introduce new features for Instagram stories even weeks or every few months, giving new fun ways to connect with their followers and audiences. 

By clicking on the icon “sticker” at the upper right side corner, you can access most of these features when you add the story. All the feature options will appear when you click on the icon. 

Try to add hashtags, locations, stickers, and GIFs as often as possible, but make sure you do not overuse them. Using all these stories features, you will have a good opportunity to keep your audiences/followers engaged and give your audiences and followers the best reason to spend more time viewing your stories on Instagram.

Instagram also rolled out the mode “Type” this year, and it is a brand new way for users to share what is on their brain with creative backgrounds and text styles.  You will find the “TypE” node next to the “Live” under the record button, along with your camera options.


The algorithm of Instagram also considers the interactions you receive on your Instagram stories content, such as when someone direct messages your story to another user or replies. Taking advantage of Instagram stories, including the useful polling features and engagement opportunities, is a great hack to trick the Instagram algorithm. To interact with your audiences, there are so many different ways you can use the poll stickers.