Instagram is the perfect images and video sharing platform, with over 800 million monthly active users. It allows everyone to create, edit, and share 3 to 60-second videos. The hottest part of Instagram is its stories, and it appears on the user’s screen only in 24 hours. 

Instagram is also more powerful for business marketing. Many brands can take advantage of Instagram’s popularity and marketing strategies. It is also the perfect place for brands to market your offering, build your business, and connect with a perfect audience. 

In this article, here are seven incredible Instagram marketing tips to enhance your brand. 

1. Make Instagram Business Profile 

Creating a good-looking profile is the first and most important strategy to attract a huge fan-base. 

The Instagram business profile helps you to link with your company’s Facebook profile. Also, it allows you to access your Instagram analytics to monitor your account’s performance. 

Therefore, you should add a unique username, profile image, and short bio with external links. It helps to show your profile more delightful and trustable. 

2. Start To Create Instagram Stories

Instagram stories appear at the top of Instagram’s page, so the users are easily noticed and click to watch. You can create stories in any format, but the content is unique and knowledgeable. 

The drawback of the Instagram story is it is a temporary place, your content diapers after 24 hours. But you can save that story on Instagram highlights part. Users can rewatch your posts when they enter your profile.

Businesses can use this feature to launch new products, promote giveaways, and create behind the scenes videos. 

3.Make Sure to Use Hashtags 

The hashtag helps users to find your content quickly. Also, it is a great feature to reach your stories all over the Instagram users. You can use # sing to create relevant hashtags. 

So, you should choose hashtags that are currently trending. So you can reach the greatest traffic for your Instagram profile. Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags per post, but less is more. So you can add up to 11 hashtags to maximize your brand reach. 

4. Upload Content Regularly 

For any social media platform, consistency is the key to your account’s success. Once you enter social media marketing and setting up your Instagram profile, following consistently and regularly is important. 

Users follow your account based on your content strategy, and they check whether or not you post content regularly. Also, it would help if you verified what the perfect time to upload your story on Instagram is. 

According to the research, Instagram is most popular on Monday and Thursday. So, follow that particular day to share more content. 

5. Use Instagram Ads Feature 

Using Instagram advertising is a powerful way for your business to increase social media traffic and engagement rate. Many marketers use Instagram advertising to promote their brand and capture their target audience. 

If you are a new user on this platform, you can buy Instagram story views to connect with a wider audience within a very short period. Hence, it helps to reach your target audience location, interest, age, and gender, and also you can bring new marketers to your business. 

6. Campaign With Perfect Influencers 

Influencer marketing is the ultimate marketing strategy to gain brand visibility. Influencer marketing helps you to connect with the most popular users with a massive number of fan followings. 

How to find the perfect marketing campaign on Instagram?

You need to find the perfect influencer based on your target audience, industry, and which type of content they create. 

Here are few ideas to campaign with a perfect influencer. 

  • Define the buyer persona
  • Using industry or brand-specific hashtags
  • Use influencer discover platform influence. co and buzz sumo

I hope now you have a clear idea about Instagram marketing and how to start your business on Instagram. Don’t miss this excellent platform for your business.