Instagram was launched in 2010. Instagram has become the biggest social media platform in the world for photo sharing. One of the great reasons behind Instagram’s success is, it was very easy to use. 


Suppose you are the person who is posting identical images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or some other social media platform for that thing, instead of posting posts on each social media site individually. In that case, you can also set up your Instagram application in a way that whenever you post images on Instagram, that you will automatically post images on all your other social media platforms. To do that, go to your Instagram Profile > options > Linked accounts, and just link your other social media accounts. If you do this once, then next time, you can select the social media networks on which you want to share that photo whenever you post on Instagram.


Instagram added a new activity status feature for Direct Messages. This activity status feature lets users see online status inside Instagram’s DM or Direct Messaging. This activity status feature is quite similar to the last seen feature of Whatsapp, which allows users to see when they were last online. All you need to do is go to your Instagram Profile > Options > show activity status and disable it.


One of the main keys to making your Profile stand out from others is to maintain a well-up and updated bio. You can always add things like links to your websites, emojis, and more; it will give more information about your brand. Instagram offers you a vast type of font for your profile bio, and you can also use third-party applications to change your bio font.


Schedule posts feature only available for Instagram business profiles. But easily, you can change your Instagram personal profile into an Instagram business profile with easy steps. 


The new feature of Instagram automatically allows archives of all your Instagram stories after they are going to expire. And if you want to break out all your Instagram’s archived stories, go to the button “profile” > archive button. Instagram’s archive button is located at the top side of the profile page. Here is the place where you can access all your expired stories; if you want, you can also view the story and share it as a news story.

A new Instagram story highlight feature also introduced by Instagram lets you share your most important Instagram stories on your profile page. Like Instagram stories, highlights won’t be removed after 24 hours, but you can remove them manually.

Creating a collection of your favorite Instagram posts is very easy. Instagram already allows you to bookmark or save your favorite posts. By saving or bookmarking your favorite posts, you can view them later. Instagram gives you the ability to hide stories from particular users. Even if they follow you but you do not want them to see your stories. The two-factor authentication on Instagram is a performance as a safe online practice. This two-factor authentication will act as a shield to your account on Instagram. 


Instagram allows you to take screenshots of other users’ stories or even save their stories without notifying them. You can download the Instagram stories of other users by using 3rd party applications.  


People can message you through DM(direct messages), tag you in their posts, and comment on your posts(photos and videos). Your comments counts will help you to reach more audiences, so buy automatic Instagram likes monthly from us. Like Instagram likes and shares, comments also play the main role in getting more engagement rates.