Instagram has been used as an efficient tool for marketing by almost all businesses. Stories are a new sensational feature used by people to get more attention from the audience. This article explains some of the methods to increase story views by more than 80%.

Use Different Story Formats

Stories with content in an organized way catches the eyes of your viewers. It is a good practice to have an introduction, body and conclusion for stories which makes more people view your stories. Different types of story formats such as boomerangs, videos and static images can be posted to showcase your business.

Instagram Story Captions

Including a story caption more relevant to the video can bring more story views. People new to Instagram can buy real Instagram Story views after posting the story to gain traction for your instagram posts. See to that your captions have a brand voice to attract more viewers. Having more Instagram Story views can bring more potential followers to your account as well. But remember to avoid using lengthy captions for videos. 

Engage with Others Stories

Posting comments on others stories can make them feel to help you by reciprocating the same way. When you post comments for their stories they are more likely to view your stories and content in your regular feeds as well. Keep in mind to post more direct ways avoiding unnecessary jargons.

Identify the right time to post your story. Make sure to post your stories when your followers are most active. Do not tell the whole story in the first 10 minutes itself. Update the story you prepared every 30 minutes once. Don’t post the second story immediately after posting your first story. Save it in the gallery and wait till the last update your story gets.

By pushing your story every half-an-hour, your story update will be viewed by more people who can become followers of your profile as well.

Instagram Stories are now viewed by more people than ever before which puts everybody to sit at the edge of their chairs to make creative and excellent stories. Along with the methods discussed above you can use your own tips and tricks to increase views for your stories. The right marketing strategy with a combination of new tips can boost Instagram Stories to a large extent.