YouTube has several subscribers and views. It is the most search engine platform for video sharing. 

This Guide helps to make the brand successful for your YouTube channel in 2020.

STEP 1: Determine New Video Keywords

When you have joined YouTube first, you should do the keyword research. It’s imperative.

If you choose the exact keywords relevant to your content, your videos are trending on the top searches on YouTube. In case if you are select the wrong keywords, your videos get dull in the search results.

It is possible to earn that #1 ranking, that video generates more views every month.

Now you are thinking about how to find the keywords?

  • Create a list of SEED Keywords
  • Seed Keywords are phrases that describe super broad topics. Seed Keywords would be things like:
  • If you are work in digital marketing, the keywords used in social media, LinkedIn, and content marketing or If you run a fitness website, the keywords are Fat Loss, Kettlebell Workout, etc. 
  1. Now you should clear about the keywords. Get effective keywords and optimize your videos.
  2. Seed Keywords Into YouTube Search
  3. Use long-tail keywords which is related to your videos. YouTube suggests the keywords when you are going to type in the search bar. 
  4. While you enter a keyword into this tool, it will segregate out hundred of terms from YouTube Suggest.

YouTube Competition Analysis

You want to optimize your videos using the keywords, but you don’t know how it adds? 

No worries, analyze your competitors. Get lots of searches and super competitive.

Optimize Your Videos

Your videos should be creative and short. Most expect YouTubers said long videos more help than short videos. And one of the particular reasons is that my videos were securely invisible on YouTube.

You can focus on a single video, which means that my new videos tend to be at least 10 minutes.

If you are posting the videos, your intro must grab your audience by the eyeballs. 15-sec videos had a several of background information. 

Add pattern interrupts in your videos; that is the main reason to get the audience’s intention. Buying likes for YouTube is help to get organic likes for your videos.

YouTube SEO

  • YouTube SEO is an important one to boost your videos. 
  • Keyword-optimized your video title
  • Optimized video titles using keywords aren’t as imperative as they utilized to be. In reality, our YouTube positioning components consider found a frail relationship between keyword-rich titles and rankings
  • Write titles make to maximize CTR
  • YouTube has affirmed that they utilize click-through-rate as a positioning signal. The audience, when clicking on your video, the more YouTube will promote it.

Video Descriptions

Short descriptions like this damage your video SEO. You can clearly explain the videos and link your content. 

Video Tag

  • A video tag is the most important for SEO. How do you optimize them accurately?
  • Add 2-3 tags that include your target keyword.
  • Add two tags that explain your video’s topic using the main keyword.