Are you looking for more engagement rates on Twitter?

Wanna increase your follower’s presence on your account?

Then the solution is below, here let us discuss eight remarkable tricks to boost your engagement  

Identify Your Value

You may hear about tweet fantastic post in a repetitive mode on Twitter 

But how should one assume that about amazing content

Does a beautiful picture have excellent content? You must think, Will that picture be used to promote your brand?

You must analyze whether it provides any value or useful information to your people. If your answer is yes, then follow your style. But always make sure your content is profitable for you and to your followers.

Each day you can monitor your post to check its benefit or not. When you focus on giving value to your content, then it creates more interactions. 

Reuse Other’s Content 

Sharing is the right formula,

1. Donating to others on Twitter is reusing other content

2. You can tweet others link

3. Retweet another account

4. Respond to your audience by liking their content, answering their question 


1. In that process, your profile will be checked or visited by your audience

2. It increases the chance of exchanging your content

3. Finally, they will retweet your post

Tweet Consistently With Limits 

The research study shows that fifteen tweets a day are best practices. Consistency is essential to make your people notice and bring your account in their minds. And also, avoid tweeting too much as it leads to ignoring your content. You should know your limits and maintain a perfect time interval for each tweet. When you are new to Twitter, you can try a certain number of tweets on your account. And analyze your tweet results and then increase or decrease your tweets. If you want your account to be popular and familiarised. Then buy Twitter Retweets to enhance people’s interactions rate and engagement. It helps to achieve a high position on Twitter and also to the people’s mind.  

Avoid Too many Tweets 

Don’t have too many tweets at the same time or without any gap. To maintain your existing followers don’t be too hurry; plan your tweets with equal time intervals. 

Organize Tweet With Right Time 

Another critical factor is posting at the right time matters. You will not receive more followers if you post content when your followers are busy with their works. Or when they are offline. Try to figure out the right posting time for your account. Using Twitter analytics, you can find your audience’s active time. Tweet at weekends or weekdays after 3 pm to 6 am.

Post-Video On Your Account 

Post more video content to arrest people engagement for your account

Benefits of Posting Video On Twitter

 Easily observed: Videos get easily observed when compared to other content

Quickly witnesses: It is 60,000 times faster than ordinary text tweet

Unforgettable: When your visual part has the right text message, it holds 65% of Hubspot’s data after 2 or 3 days. 

Increase Attention: It builds more attraction and enhances the view rate

Enrich interaction: It receives more retweets, likes, favorite. 

You can go for a variety of tools to edit your visuals to create impressive, catchy videos. 

Give Life To Old Contents 

You can give life to your amazing old content; it will increase your followers’ attachment and connections. Though it’s unable to use them directly, you can retweet your old content. By that method, you can use them again.