Instagram was launched in 2010. Instagram has become the biggest social media platform in the world for photo sharing. One of the great reasons behind Instagram’s success is, it was very easy to use. 


Suppose you are the person who is posting identical images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or some other social media platform for that thing, instead of posting posts on each social media site individually. In that case, you can also set up your Instagram application in a way that whenever you post images on Instagram, that you will automatically post images on all your other social media platforms. To do that, go to your Instagram Profile > options > Linked accounts, and just link your other social media accounts. If you do this once, then next time, you can select the social media networks on which you want to share that photo whenever you post on Instagram.


Instagram added a new activity status feature for Direct Messages. This activity status feature lets users see online status inside Instagram’s DM or Direct Messaging. This activity status feature is quite similar to the last seen feature of Whatsapp, which allows users to see when they were last online. All you need to do is go to your Instagram Profile > Options > show activity status and disable it.


One of the main keys to making your Profile stand out from others is to maintain a well-up and updated bio. You can always add things like links to your websites, emojis, and more; it will give more information about your brand. Instagram offers you a vast type of font for your profile bio, and you can also use third-party applications to change your bio font.


Schedule posts feature only available for Instagram business profiles. But easily, you can change your Instagram personal profile into an Instagram business profile with easy steps. 


The new feature of Instagram automatically allows archives of all your Instagram stories after they are going to expire. And if you want to break out all your Instagram’s archived stories, go to the button “profile” > archive button. Instagram’s archive button is located at the top side of the profile page. Here is the place where you can access all your expired stories; if you want, you can also view the story and share it as a news story.

A new Instagram story highlight feature also introduced by Instagram lets you share your most important Instagram stories on your profile page. Like Instagram stories, highlights won’t be removed after 24 hours, but you can remove them manually.

Creating a collection of your favorite Instagram posts is very easy. Instagram already allows you to bookmark or save your favorite posts. By saving or bookmarking your favorite posts, you can view them later. Instagram gives you the ability to hide stories from particular users. Even if they follow you but you do not want them to see your stories. The two-factor authentication on Instagram is a performance as a safe online practice. This two-factor authentication will act as a shield to your account on Instagram. 


Instagram allows you to take screenshots of other users’ stories or even save their stories without notifying them. You can download the Instagram stories of other users by using 3rd party applications.  


People can message you through DM(direct messages), tag you in their posts, and comment on your posts(photos and videos). Your comments counts will help you to reach more audiences, so buy automatic Instagram likes monthly from us. Like Instagram likes and shares, comments also play the main role in getting more engagement rates.


As the algorithm of Instagram keeps up with taking charge of the algorithm of people, it is not a shock that many more users are shifting their focus to Instagram stories. Instagram has more than three hundred million active daily users, double the count of the Snapchat platform. Instagram stories are more than just the best way to connect with your audiences and followers. Consistently posting to stories can also greatly impact how your posts are performed in the algorithm of Instagram. Buying Instagram story views is the best way to trick the Instagram algorithm.  The Instagram algorithm takes into account all the interactions that you receive on your stories, and this means the more likely your posts will display up in their feed, the more that the users interact with your stories. 


Instagram is adjusting the algorithm essentially so that the time that you post is important more than before. Instagram has disclosed that posts are shortly going to come again to a much more chronological order in the feed of people; this necessarily does not mean that the chronological feed is back. In other words, the Instagram feed is algorithmic still.  This year, you can expect that Instagram stories will continue their supremacy over the social media platform Snapchat and become an important part of your  Instagram and social media marketing strategy.  Quickly Instagram stories are becoming th one of the best features to make e-commerce sales, drive traffic, build awareness and drive engagement. 


The algorithm of Instagram uses the amount of time consumed viewing your stories as a factor in deciding its popularity.  The great news is Instagram appears to introduce new features for Instagram stories even weeks or every few months, giving new fun ways to connect with their followers and audiences. 

By clicking on the icon “sticker” at the upper right side corner, you can access most of these features when you add the story. All the feature options will appear when you click on the icon. 

Try to add hashtags, locations, stickers, and GIFs as often as possible, but make sure you do not overuse them. Using all these stories features, you will have a good opportunity to keep your audiences/followers engaged and give your audiences and followers the best reason to spend more time viewing your stories on Instagram.

Instagram also rolled out the mode “Type” this year, and it is a brand new way for users to share what is on their brain with creative backgrounds and text styles.  You will find the “TypE” node next to the “Live” under the record button, along with your camera options.


The algorithm of Instagram also considers the interactions you receive on your Instagram stories content, such as when someone direct messages your story to another user or replies. Taking advantage of Instagram stories, including the useful polling features and engagement opportunities, is a great hack to trick the Instagram algorithm. To interact with your audiences, there are so many different ways you can use the poll stickers.

The Marketer’s Guide To Using Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the ideal places to market your product compared to other social media platforms because it is the second most accessed network after Facebook, and 90% of Instagram users at least follow one business profile. 

By now, Instagram has launched the “Reels” feature, which will help boost your business. Instagram Reels are fifteen seconds of multi-clip videos with music and effects. With editing features, you can create your content more attractive to watch the people and grab a massive audience for your business. Here are the Reels content strategies for your business.

Post Repurpose Content

More engaging and good quality content is quickly popular on any social media network. Obviously, reuse content famous Instagram Reels too. So, share the best repurpose content from other social media platforms, which is an effective marketing strategy to drive more sales. In this way, you don’t have to spend your precious time making the best content to grab the audience’s attention.

Post Educational content

Creating more informative content, which helps both your brand and customers. When you provide information or useful things for customers, it inspires the audience to watch your upcoming content on Reels continuously. For example, plenty of brands have shared information about the impact of coronavirus on their post. This thing not just helped them to gain more visibility but also helped showcase their respective brand images as more valuable.

Post BTS of Brand

Instagram Reels is the right place to expose your brand and be transparent with your audience. Record the video to showcase your brand’s behind the scene, like your product manufacturing process, your typical day at the office, and package for your order. These things help you to build a strong connection with your audience. 

Educate About Audience

Firstly you need to understand what type of content your audience mostly watch. This will help you get an idea for create content that gets discussed a lot through comments. Users new to Instagram may not get enough engagement. To get more interaction beneath their posts they can initiate it by asking questions and inviting feedback from people who view their content. This is a potential way to increase visitors for your web traffic and reach more audiences. Another way to kickstart with receiving comments is to choose Planyourgram Instagram reels comments and enhance content visibility and brand promotion.

Final Words

You can try new ideas, test their result, spend time to develop your Reels content strategies, and increase reach on Instagram. Reels are perfect content to tell about your product’s benefits and boost your brand. Without spending money, you could promote your product and gain more customers for your business on Reels. It is a great opportunity to cultivate your business. Strike the while iron is hot – so, get ready to create content for your brand and share it today on Reels.

Instagram Reels For Brands: 5 Ways To Grow Their Business

Instagram reels is entirely a new feature added to Instagram in competition with TikTok. Instagram reels are like a TikTok, where you can film, edit clippings for up to 15 seconds. It offers you plenty of innovative tools to create fun and engaging short videos. You can create your Reels video with audio, text, special effects, and stickers. Moreover, influencers and brands are happy and satisfied with Reels. 

You can find the Reels tab on the homepage in the navigation bar. Anyways, you can also find reels on the explore page. It is the brand-new way to grow your community on Instagram. You know that Instagram Reels is new, still at the starting stage itself, it offers space for both brands and creators. 

In this article, let’s see tips on how to use Instagram Reels for business. 

Build Trust Worthy Content 

The Instagram story was launched in 2016, but it takes time to accept and use its popularity and fun. But, Instagram Reels was introduced only a few months back, people find it easy and comfortable to create fascinating and authentic content. So you don’t need to sacrifice your personality for new features; you can display anything on Instagram. Sure, your existing followers will show interest in engaging with Reels videos. This way, you can reach a new audience. The audience can find your videos on the explore page. Soon, you will gain engagement on Reels. 

What About Tips & How-To Videos 

Creating tutorials kinds of content will be a good start. Moreover, it helps to generate engagement. You can share any kinds of tips & tricks that can be followed in your daily life. Depending on your business, brands you can pick ideas under this topic.  

Either on Instagram story or IGTV, sharing educational or tutorial videos is worth enough to gain more engagement. Moreover, you will acquire Instagram Reels likes and get more attention for your informative videos. 

Have a look at the following ideas,

You can provide travel tips for your audience. 

Do tutorials on how to take a perfect picture or poses for different outfits.

Different ways to style up your outfits 

Republish Your TikTok Videos 

If you are using TikTok, you may consider reusing your old TikTok videos on reels. On Reels, you can notice many brands started using their TikTok videos. It helps to bring back your TikTok audience to your Reels tab. In this way, you are also offering new forms of content to the people who haven’t used TikTok before. This way, you can promote your business. 

Show Off Your Products 

If you are looking forward to building visibility and sales for your business or brands, then use Instagram Reels. It provides lots of opportunities for business to promote their business. 

Even people who don’t follow your account can see your content via explore page. Just plan content ideas that influence your products in an engaging way. Add relevant hashtags and concise captions to let the audience know what you are talking about. Use creativity, with funniest to promote your products. 

Introduce A Sale With A Offer 

It is worth introducing a sale for your product on Reels. But, remember, your content should not turn into blatant ads. By revealing your human side, don’t focus on perfection or flawlessness all the time. Actually, audiences love to engage with natural content rather than too polished. 


Actually, it’s early to predict the success of Instagram Reels. But still, it helps the brands and businesses to understand the audience even better. Till now, there are no metrics other than likes, views, comments. But in the future, it’s possible to have deep analytics. Sure all these tips will assist you to use Instagram Reels for your business. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

Instagram for Small Business: 6 Incredible Marketing Tips

Instagram is the perfect images and video sharing platform, with over 800 million monthly active users. It allows everyone to create, edit, and share 3 to 60-second videos. The hottest part of Instagram is its stories, and it appears on the user’s screen only in 24 hours. 

Instagram is also more powerful for business marketing. Many brands can take advantage of Instagram’s popularity and marketing strategies. It is also the perfect place for brands to market your offering, build your business, and connect with a perfect audience. 

In this article, here are seven incredible Instagram marketing tips to enhance your brand. 

1. Make Instagram Business Profile 

Creating a good-looking profile is the first and most important strategy to attract a huge fan-base. 

The Instagram business profile helps you to link with your company’s Facebook profile. Also, it allows you to access your Instagram analytics to monitor your account’s performance. 

Therefore, you should add a unique username, profile image, and short bio with external links. It helps to show your profile more delightful and trustable. 

2. Start To Create Instagram Stories

Instagram stories appear at the top of Instagram’s page, so the users are easily noticed and click to watch. You can create stories in any format, but the content is unique and knowledgeable. 

The drawback of the Instagram story is it is a temporary place, your content diapers after 24 hours. But you can save that story on Instagram highlights part. Users can rewatch your posts when they enter your profile.

Businesses can use this feature to launch new products, promote giveaways, and create behind the scenes videos. 

3.Make Sure to Use Hashtags 

The hashtag helps users to find your content quickly. Also, it is a great feature to reach your stories all over the Instagram users. You can use # sing to create relevant hashtags. 

So, you should choose hashtags that are currently trending. So you can reach the greatest traffic for your Instagram profile. Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags per post, but less is more. So you can add up to 11 hashtags to maximize your brand reach. 

4. Upload Content Regularly 

For any social media platform, consistency is the key to your account’s success. Once you enter social media marketing and setting up your Instagram profile, following consistently and regularly is important. 

Users follow your account based on your content strategy, and they check whether or not you post content regularly. Also, it would help if you verified what the perfect time to upload your story on Instagram is. 

According to the research, Instagram is most popular on Monday and Thursday. So, follow that particular day to share more content. 

5. Use Instagram Ads Feature 

Using Instagram advertising is a powerful way for your business to increase social media traffic and engagement rate. Many marketers use Instagram advertising to promote their brand and capture their target audience. 

If you are a new user on this platform, you can buy Instagram story views to connect with a wider audience within a very short period. Hence, it helps to reach your target audience location, interest, age, and gender, and also you can bring new marketers to your business. 

6. Campaign With Perfect Influencers 

Influencer marketing is the ultimate marketing strategy to gain brand visibility. Influencer marketing helps you to connect with the most popular users with a massive number of fan followings. 

How to find the perfect marketing campaign on Instagram?

You need to find the perfect influencer based on your target audience, industry, and which type of content they create. 

Here are few ideas to campaign with a perfect influencer. 

  • Define the buyer persona
  • Using industry or brand-specific hashtags
  • Use influencer discover platform influence. co and buzz sumo

I hope now you have a clear idea about Instagram marketing and how to start your business on Instagram. Don’t miss this excellent platform for your business. 


Marketing on Instagram is very competitive, but it is not impossible. Ready to use the below tips to make a powerful marketing strategy on Instagram. The total number of brands and businesses incorporating Instagram’s marketing into their brands and business strategies has emerged in recent times. The Instagram application was used by half of the marketers in the U.S. in 2016; more than 74% of the people will do so by 2020. Because the platform has more than a billion monthly users, about 849 million audiences advertise on Instagram. And get Instagram impressions is also a great marketing strategy.


Before you get you to start with Instagram’s marketing, you have to need a business account on Instagram or else having a creator account on Instagram. Skip to the below tips if you have an account on Instagram already. If you are creating a new brand account or you are new to the brand, do the below steps.

Step 1:   

  • Download the Instagram application for Android and for iOs

Sep 2: 

  • Open your Instagram application
  • Use the phone number on Android or use email for sign up on Android
  • Use the create anew account option on iOS for sign up
  • Enter your phone number or enter your email address
  • Create your password and username
  • The tap did after you fill out your profile information.

Step 3: 

  • Tap the hamburger icon at your top right-hand corner after going into your profile 
  • Choose a setting, and then account
  • If you have a business account page on Facebook, you can connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram account.
  • Add your brands and business details
  • And then tap the option done


This business account option on Instagram will give you access to the features which are all you cannot use with the personal account, which will includes

  • Insights of Instagram
  • Advertisements on Instagram 
  • Shopping on Instagram
  • Button for the call to action and contact information on your profile

An own set of benefits are having by the creator account for the content creators and influencers. 


All social media platforms are like a tool. Unless you know what you are trying to build, you cannot use that social media platform as an effective marketing tool. Marketing on Instagram defines many things to various marketers. 

  • Increasing the awareness of brands
  • Getting new leads
  • Make brand sales
  • Establishing your business and brand as a leader of the industry

Most of the Instagrammers are between the age of 18 – 29. The largest Instagram market in the U.S.. other than suburban peers, more urban residents is using Instagram.


  • Call to action button:     give a direct interaction way to Instagrammers from your profile.
  • Your username:  your can create your name by using up to 30 char.
  • Your name:   included in the search, you can use 30 char.
  • Your website: use a clickable website URL.
  • Contact information: telling people where they can find you.

Tips To Increase Instagram Story Views By More Than 80%

Instagram has been used as an efficient tool for marketing by almost all businesses. Stories are a new sensational feature used by people to get more attention from the audience. This article explains some of the methods to increase story views by more than 80%.

Use Different Story Formats

Stories with content in an organized way catches the eyes of your viewers. It is a good practice to have an introduction, body and conclusion for stories which makes more people view your stories. Different types of story formats such as boomerangs, videos and static images can be posted to showcase your business.

Instagram Story Captions

Including a story caption more relevant to the video can bring more story views. People new to Instagram can buy real Instagram Story views after posting the story to gain traction for your instagram posts. See to that your captions have a brand voice to attract more viewers. Having more Instagram Story views can bring more potential followers to your account as well. But remember to avoid using lengthy captions for videos. 

Engage with Others Stories

Posting comments on others stories can make them feel to help you by reciprocating the same way. When you post comments for their stories they are more likely to view your stories and content in your regular feeds as well. Keep in mind to post more direct ways avoiding unnecessary jargons.

Identify the right time to post your story. Make sure to post your stories when your followers are most active. Do not tell the whole story in the first 10 minutes itself. Update the story you prepared every 30 minutes once. Don’t post the second story immediately after posting your first story. Save it in the gallery and wait till the last update your story gets.

By pushing your story every half-an-hour, your story update will be viewed by more people who can become followers of your profile as well.

Instagram Stories are now viewed by more people than ever before which puts everybody to sit at the edge of their chairs to make creative and excellent stories. Along with the methods discussed above you can use your own tips and tricks to increase views for your stories. The right marketing strategy with a combination of new tips can boost Instagram Stories to a large extent.