Do you know what TikTok is? TikTok is a social media application where users post videos and get popular by receiving more likes, shares, and comments for their video. During the situation of COVID-19, people were bored at home, and almost every person was interested in entertaining other people through social media. So, TikTok is extremely useful and it has been popular from the day it was launched. Every other user tries to become popular through the application. There are so many ways to gain popularity on TikTok and this article explains some of the important tips to get famous on TikTok. Let’s read to know them.

Understand Your Audience

         Target audience is defined as the group of people you need to approach and they can be classified by age(teens, adults, senior citizens), gender, interests, etc.  It is vital to identify your target audience based on your industry before starting to create videos. Understand your audience by listening to what they like and dislike so that you can create videos that they love to watch with excitement. You can also create custom audiences. Custom audiences are the people who watch your videos irrespective of age and gender. Do some own content videos, your content should be creative and liked by the viewers belonging to every category. It helps you to create custom audiences. If you want to create and build a strong custom audience base, your content should attract the viewers belonging to every category. Be sure that the video you create should be in their level of understanding. When you create entertaining content, you will get more likes, shares, and comments which helps you get famous quickly.

Add Trending Audio 

Use the audio which is recently created by celebrities or some popular creators in TikTok which helps you to get more views on your videos.Adding trending audios that celebrities have used in their recent videos is an easy way to gain popularity for your videos. Select the audio and recreate the video of the same in your style. You can also create an audio that suits your video correctly. Adding audio is very important to make your videos go trending. Use FYP or discover pages to identify the trending audio and select any audio that suits your video perfectly to get popular easily.

Accept Challenges

         TikTokers who received plenty of likes for their videos might run challenges asking other users to perform the challenge. They may give any kind of challenge to you, accept the challenge given to your ability and do your best. If you perform well in the challenge given to you, people will drop more likes for your excellent video and your video will go viral at a faster rate. Having started a new challenge, but yours is a fresh TikTok account, you could consider buying real TikTok likes for your videos to make more people buzz about it. Thus, hashtag(#)challenges help you to get fame or grab the creator mode among several users on TikTok.


        Although TikTok is a new social media application, its growth has been explosive. TikTok allows you to share your video on other social media platforms, which is an easy way to increase your followers on TikTok. Everyone doesn’t get a chance on the big screen and for such people, TikTok is a good platform to showcase their talent that they wanted to do on films. Becoming famous on TikTok overnight is impossible. Without wasting much time, start following the above mentioned actionable steps to gain fame on TikTok.